ATOM Solutions | About Us
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About Us

Who is ATOM?

ATOM Solutions is an IT consultancy focused on delivering technology oriented solutions and services to corporate participants in various segments within the commodities chain. ATOM’s employees have performed virtually every business, project management, and IT function as either part of the industry, or as consultants and vendors.

The company works with its clients to develop their IT strategy and to craft and implement technology solutions by leveraging its deep domain expertise and by employing industry best practices. ATOM is passionate about adding value to their customer’s business and is hyper focused on helping them realize a rapid return on their investments.


Why work with ATOM?

Our employees are self-driven to achieve excellence by working tirelessly to master their core skill set. Constantly seeking knowledge, refining processes, sharpening tools, and implementing new improvements whenever possible is our regular modus operandi. Our ‘OnTarget Project Delivery Methodology’ for solutions delivery and our approach of constant innovation and improvement, empowers our consultants to set, meet, and even exceed high performance standards. When you trust us with your business, we make it our business to ensure timely, cost efficient, and high quality deliverables. We always aim for 100% success on every project.

While process and technology are of paramount importance to the success of our operations, the variable which we value most is people. Our most important asset is our employee. We strive to hire resources who have the ‘right’ attitude and aptitude to be successful. We invest a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources in training these human assets to ensure success at our customer sites. We also believe in fostering meaningful relationships with our clients. Our intention at all times is to help our customer obtain a rapid return on their investments. The return is typically in the form of enhanced business opportunity insights, more efficient processes, meeting all forms of compliance requirements, and others; all leading to an improved bottom line for the company.