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Improve operational process efficiencies, increase employee productivity, gain insight to enable informed decision making, and ultimately realize higher profits

ETRM/CTRM Selection & Implementation

With dozens of ETRM / CTRM software solutions to choose from, most firms find it difficult to navigate through the plethora of information available from vendors to determine which software is the right fit for their business. Decades of experience with developing, implementing, and working with these software packages in various capacities enables our team to leverage this know-how to our client’s benefit. Our OnTarget implementation methodology empowers us to efficiently gather our client’s requirements and evaluate the various choices to arrive at the optimal decision. OnTarget utilizes techniques which have evolved into best practices over decades of implementation work. This methodology ensures high delivery quality across all projects by providing consultants with guidelines at every step. Our clients reap benefits in the form of smooth implementations and significant cost savings which ultimately enables them to realize a rapid rate of return on their IT investments. Contact ATOM and find out how we get #CTRMDoneRight.

CTRMDoneRight - An ATOM Case Study
Big Data / Business Intelligence / Decision Support

In a fast paced economy, a comprehensive understanding of information is key in making timely strategic decisions in order to achieve optimal results. Various systems can make up thousands if not millions of data points which typically reside in silos and not very useful outside the immediate department. Disparate data if put together meaningfully, can greatly increase the amount of knowledge on company operations and market conditions. This increased 'business intelligence' provides additional clarity and insight which previously may not be available to decision makers. ATOM assists its clients in achieving these capabilities by providing services to advise, design, build and test the solution which ultimately results in improved returns on capital investments.

ETRM/CTRM Software Implementation Audit

Companies frequently find themselves wondering how well they implemented their software solution. A lot of trust has to be placed on the vendor that does an implementation. How do you know whether your implementation was optimal? How do you rank in terms of cost and time compared to your peers? An audit performed by ATOM will provide insight into whether the proper procedures were followed and whether the system can be utilized and supported effectively over the expected life span of the software.

IT Strategy/Technology Advisory

With a growing number of options that organizations face today, it can be difficult to make the best choice with regards to your IT environment. How do you move forward in a manner that provides you and your users the availability, reliability, and security of IT resources while taking advantage of new features and keeping costs manageable? With decades of experience and a strong network of channel partners in the infrastructure arena, ATOM can assist you with end-to-end IT solutions for your enterprise.

Legacy Applications Upgrade

We take the risk out of upgrading your legacy software to newer technologies because of our extensive experience in working with both; the older and the more recent technology platforms. ATOM’s consultants will find the optimal path to help you realize all the benefits of upgrading without experiencing the pitfalls.

Testing as a Service

Don’t have enough resources to test the latest upgrade? ATOM has formulated a Best Practices approach to testing software releases. Our methodology includes test cases and test scripts, project controls and metrics, and related templates to minimize risk and ensure visibility of progress during the test phase of a project. Through our many years of relevant experience, we are able to establish a defined, repeatable testing process for our customers.

Custom Application Development

Our resources use best practices and various toolsets to design and build high quality custom solutions rapidly. The quality of our deliverables combined with the prices makes it a high value proposition for our clients. Microsoft .NET is our platform of choice.

Application Support Services

We support applications and infrastructure at companies that have a small or no IT staff. Larger IT staffs leverage our experience as necessary to help them put in place best practices for governance of newer technologies.